A New look at Event Photography in Tempe

HashTag Print Station gathers YOUR event photos from everyone!

FriendZstation now provides HashTag Media and Print stations to change Event Photography in Tempe.

Organizes the Photos taken at your event in Real Time!

Even though you have a photographer, and a photo booth, many others are taking photos at your special event. Wouldn't it be nice to see everyone's photos neatly organized in one place? 

Crowdsourcing  other's photos and videos from your event is the best way not to miss important moments. Our Hash Tag Print Station allows you to easily crowdsource these  photos and videos..... in real time.

Keep everyone engaged by asking them to be photographers at your event. Then share these photos via print or via social media with YOUR message on the photo.

Cowdsourced event photos are looked at more than individual posts due to the ease of having all photos in one place.

We can capture all of these photos with your Hash Tag and keep them for you to view after as well. 

Crowdsourcing Hashtags!

All you will need to do is ask your guests to use the same hashtag when they post their photos or videos to Instagram or Twitter. Our  software will search Twitter and Instagram for media containing that hashtag to organize all the events photos and videos. You can now print, view, send, and share, using your own custom template and branding.

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Every big event needs a #HashTag of its own to crowdsource ALL of the Photos and Videos from YOUR event.

Our Social Media Hash Tag print station is the perfect add on to your event's photography assets.

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