Promote your Brand with a Photo Booth Trade Show Promotion Package

What does it look like?

 OK well...our setups are clean and classy.  We bring our own tables, hat racks, backdrops, red carpet, crowd ropes, props and etc.  Our camera is always a DSLR and the printer always a DNP.  Our touch screen can change depending upon the space available* and the look desired.  We work with you to use the best "look" for your event. 

What about attendants?

It depends up your venue and your choice, but we can dress up (white shirt and tie for the guys and well dressed gals with comfortable shoes) OR we can dress casually.  We can wear your Logo Shirt, OR a costume if it helps!   

What is Included in Trade Show FriendZ Package?

  • 5 Hours of Event Time 
  • Full Time Attendant
  • Template with YOUR logo and info.
  • Unlimited Prints for guests
  • Real Time SMS text and Sharing
  • Thumb Drive with All Photos 
  • Data from leads gathered

We help promote your brand

Like an additional employee we can help you bring in people.  Then we can entertain them at the Photo Booth Kiosk while you talk.

Photo Printed out for attendee has YOUR marketing message and contact information.   They leave with Your Brand in Their Hand. 

Touchscreens can be CUSTOMIZED (at an additional charge) to match your event, your corporate look and feel. 

All Photos & Data belongs to you.

All data collected at your event is YOUR data.  Phone numbers from texting photos and email addresses of clients who used the photo booth to send their photos.  Data will be provided to you in .csv format for your exclusive use.

* The type of touch screen and backgrounds are affected by the size of our space, but we always use a DSLR camera and DNP printer. 

See our Set Up

What is needed at the venue?

POWER - Regular A/C 110 outlet near. 

We do NOT need internet, we bring our own "cradle point" hot spot.


Our Kiosk needs approx 3'x2' of floor space.  The kiosk houses the Touch Screen, the DSLR Camera, Backflash and card, and Printer.  

  • Shots can be taken against a backdrop (requires more space) or just against your booth's graphics etc.
  • Subjects in the shot can be anywhere from 3' minimum to 6' away.
  •  Additional space (if any) is used for props and etc. as allowed.